im3D S.p.A. is an Italian company established in 2004, which  designs, develops, produces and markets medical devices intended for early diagnosis in medical imaging.
Its mission is to research and develop high-tech innovative solutions in medical imaging for cancer prevention.
im3D's products use the most advanced technologies, especially in the field of CAD (Computer Aided Detection), which are based on proprietary calculation algorithms and methodologies developed through many years of experience in scientific, clinical and technical research.
Its vocation is to work alongside doctors and researchers to get to understand their needs, and collaborate with them in creating new and more powerful investigative and diagnostic instruments. Instruments which are less invasive, as well as more flexible, more reliable and simpler to use. In a word: more advanced.
To reach this objective, and from the moment it was established, im3D S.p.A. has chosen to operate constantly to the highest quality standards and to aim for continuous improvement: both inside the company when researching and developing new solutions, and externally, in ensuring that customers are fully satisfied